Thursday, April 17, 2008

what do humans eat?

starship love crashed into the surface of the planet quickly and efficiently. the miniature green child was claimed as a victim. delicious verdant infant, unit r173ex4 requests your friendship. a first friend is always the most special! yet you taste like a sour bug. a pox on your house, friend. when your family ripens and turns crimson i will devour them.

what terrifying world is this? are these giant insects? are they my friends?

do they feel love?

unit r173ex4 dubs these strange beings 'beets'. the red ones are turnips, and they are acquaintances only. yet these strange beets... do something wonderful to unit r173ex4. they make red waste. a new best friend!!!!!

shock and wonder! a spectacular meadow covered in fermented goat milk, burned fruit, and the innards of rock-solid "wall nuts". a wonderful, magnificent friend.

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Dana_In_Wonderland said...

Ahaha That Blog Post Was Adorable ♥