Sunday, April 13, 2008

a note from the humans

One day last December, a terrifying miniature robot came into our lives. We don't know where he came from or what exactly he wants or why he stares blankly at us when we speak to him. Until recently, he has lived contentedly on the kitchen bar. We thought he was kind of cute, because he is small and when he walks he waves his arms wildly. We've only recently discovered that he may have motives beyond observing us in daily life. He appears to be extremely interested in learning about food and where it comes from.

I suppose that is why he chose to inhabit the kitchen, out of all the rooms there are. We really only noticed his interest in food when we started going to farmers markets and trying to eat local and organic food. Using razor-sharp hooks, he attaches himself to our shoes and follows us. This little robot, whom we fondly call Little Guy, now accompanies us to all of the places that we acquire food, and he is apparently intensely interested in how we use it.

There is a lot of activity going on with us and the food and the robot, so we thought a blog would be rather appropriate. The robot will do most of the writing; we will only assist in transporting him to markets, photographing him, and bringing him to the keyboard -- it's really quite a sight to see him type out his reports.

We don't know what Little Guy is going to really report here, or what his goals are, but maybe his mission (judging from the mysterious word GALAXY on his upper torso, he appears to be from another planet and is gathering information) will be revealed in time.

(ABOVE: human captives flinch in terror as the miniature robot maliciously commands their undying fealty)

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