Wednesday, June 3, 2009

new food blog!

Hello, fellow humans! Robert and I started this exciting robot/vegetable blog last year, when we were getting into organic food. Unfortunately we abandoned the project: Little Guy (the robot) was actually even lost at some point, to our great dismay. Don't worry, we found one almost exactly like him on Ebay and bought him immediately (how could we live without him?)... but things just weren't the same.

Anyway, I think you will be glad to know that we've just started a new food blog: the hungry lemur. We promise to keep up with this one and to update it regularly! Thank you so much, everyone who visited here and commented. Neither of us were subscribed to the comments, so we didn't notice any of them until now! It's sad, but I'll be visiting everyone who commented here.

Thanks again, and check out our new blog! Perhaps the robot will make appearances every once in a while...